Meet Madeleine

As a mother of two, business owner, gym lover and chocolate addict, Madeleine understands the many directions that we can feel pulled.

Taking the ‘natural’ step from a degree in biochemistry to a career in finance, she started by helping financial advisers decide on the right pension or investment for their clients. However, it was the financial advisers who were making the difference with their clients, giving them the advice they needed to secure their futures. So she decided to become one as she wanted to do the same.

Madeleine started her own company, Blueberry Financial, doing what she loves – helping clients to build the life that they want, using their money to realise their dreams. Whether these dreams are to send their children to private school, move house, enjoy fantastic holidays, spend more time with their family or even go for early retirement. All do-able, but most people don’t know how to set these goals in motion.

Madeleine has helped many clients to create the how.

  • She has helped a family fund for their children’s private school education.
  • She has helped a single mother plan for her and her daughter’s future and fund the house of their dreams.
  • She has helped many couples retire earlier than they had imagined.
  • She has helped a mother of three sort out her finances after divorce, so she is financially independent and in control of her future.

“There’s nothing like the peace of mind that you are on track to secure your dreams”.

Madeleine has worked in the financial industry for over 16 years, has the Diploma in Financial Planning and is a member of The Personal Finance Society, Chartered Insurance Institute and The Institute of Financial Planning. She is an Independent Financial Adviser.