Your Family’s Future


Your Children’s Future

Obviously your children are extremely important to you, so you want to provide for them.

Would you like to provide a private school education, university fees, a house deposit? It is an incredible gift to be able to give these things to them, but how do you fund for them and is it too late to start? It is never too late. I can help you to put the funding in place for all of these things.

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Retirement Made Easy

A lot of people don’t realise what retirement can mean. They think that it is a very long way off and don’t know if they will ever be able to afford to stop working or what they actually want to do.

At Blueberry Financial we understand that retirement is different. It is when you don’t have to work anymore because you have enough money to do what you want, to live the lifestyle of your choice. You no longer need a salary or a pay cheque. Imagine that.

Close your eyes and repaint your retirement. What would you love to be doing?

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Protection – The Vital Decision

It’s all about your family and providing a secure future for them. However, there may be a day when you are not able to do that.

Here at Blueberry Financial we want to give you the ultimate peace of mind, that if you were unable to work or even not be around anymore, your family will be looked after. This would include your household payments, such as your mortgage, gas and electricity, food . . .

We can put the vital plans in place in order to cover the costs that families incur through normal day to day living.

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Your Dreams

Here are the top three reasons that people use Blueberry Financial when it comes to their dreams:

1. More time with their family

2. Retire early / now

3. Home improvements – a new kitchen, an extension . . .

Perhaps you have thought of these things too at some point. Perhaps yours are different. Imagine them now.

At Blueberry Financial we make it possible by helping you to plan for them.

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